F-1 Engine Parts From Apollo 12 and Apollo 16


The F-1 engine gave the astronauts the blast off they needed to make the three day journey to the Moon. All of the Apollo missions, including Apollo 11, used 5 of the powerful F-1 engines to rocket them on the Saturn V into space.

  • The F-1 engine only flies for about 2 ½ minutes before detaching from the Saturn V Moon rocket and dropping into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Falling down about 40 miles and splashing into the Atlantic, the over 18,000 pound F-1 engine is completely destroyed and 65 of these engines lay at the bottom of ocean.
  • Our F-1 engine parts lay lost at the bottom of the sea for 43 years until discovered and raised by Seattle-based Bezos Expeditions in 2013.  
  • Locating and recovering the lost F-1 engines started in 2010 by a team, formed by Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon, of deep sea explorers, including some who searched for the Titanic.

The sunken remains of the F-1s were our last missing links to the first days of space travel, and they are now on view in our exhibition, APOLLO.

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